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Tattoo info!

I am a tattoo artist working since 2022 in Chicago

I mostly work out of a private studio in Humboldt and do guest spots

around the city and elsewhere! 

you must be 18+ and I do check ID!

Images of completed and healed tattoos can be found on Instagram @taylakaylor8

 I work at $120 an hour for flash designs, which can be found below. there is a $150 minimum for small pieces unless booking on a small design day(ask me!), but most designs take between 2-4 hours depending on the design. I'm happy to accommodate you if you need a budget that works for you. No trades at the moment. There is a 50-dollar nonrefundable deposit for tattoo appointments, Unfortunately, I cannot reschedule and refund due to booking policies at my studio, if you need to change the date a new deposit will be required. 

For custom designs, I work at the same rate as flash but with a $70 dollar deposit that covers the cost of time spent drawing your custom piece, a consultation if needed,  and appointment deposit. Customs take a lot of extra time outside of our appointment so there are some extra costs to cover this. In order to book a custom design send me an email with your ideas! I'm up for almost anything and ill let you know if it's not for me. I love nature, animals, science illustration, plants, coverups, anything goes! Please create a detailed explanation of what you want and then create a google drive folder (or just in the email) with images of what you would like. Add as many reference images as you can, pictures of the thing you want to be drawn, your own sketches, and pictures of other tattoos(for reference/style only I won't copy!), and show me where you are thinking for placement. Cant hurt to ask about a design you want that seems outside of the work you see me post, I'm up for trying new things! no abstract customs unless detailed specific drawings and references provided

$120 an hour

$50 dollar deposit for flash

$70 dollar deposit for custom

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