Wetland Fountain

paper mâché, homemade paper clay, tin foil, 

water pumps, tubing, paint

Wetland Fountain was made to be a celebration of nature,

specifically brackish and fresh water wetland meadows. In these environments, meadows and meadow-forest areas stay wet

with ground seeps, lush foliage and grasses create biologically intricate and beautiful spaces. The flowers, which are also the fountains spouts, are modeled after the Iris Prismatica, a plant native to these ecosystems.


It was a functioning, flowing fountain, venerating nature through an impermanent, gentle, cyclical water flow. The water flowed up from the base, through the outer tube structure, and trickled down from the center of the flowers-down the petals. It then filled each cup, spilling out and flowing back into the large central water catch, and finally through small drain holes, back into the bottom water basin. It was made from mostly paper, flour, and other water based, degrading materials, so after the fountain ran, the water dissolved the more vulnerable

parts of its form.